Getting Better Sleep Part 2 – The Review

Disclaimer:  This is really a nerd post, in which we go over the data collected to see if we have had any improvement.
The short version for cool people is to report that over the month, the number of screentime minutes has been reduced to zero, and that weekly restfulness scores are up, by quite a lot.  Over the month I have managed to eliminate screentime, and my sleep has benefited as a result of it.  I figured out that my discipline is lax over the weekends, and that I’m more tired on a Wednesday despite no screentime due to getting back late.
The Good News
The good news is that weekly total minutes started off at a whopping 80, and are now at a very satisfactory zero.  So far so successful.
The even better news is that the average weekly restfulness score is up to over 7.5.  This appears to be having an effect.
The Not-So-Good News
If you look at a plot of average minutes of screen time by day vs average restfulness score, you will see that the days where the minutes dip are followed by days where the restfulness score spikes.
Also my discipline is a lot more lax at the weekends.  The average number of minutes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are much more than during the week.  I suffer for it as the weekend restfulness scores are much lower than during the week, and so is Monday’s.
Tuesday night is Taiji class, and I get back late, so even though I don’t look at a screen and go straight to bed, I don’t get as much sleep and I am not so well rested the next day.  This is  something I’m going to make a note of and come back to sometime in the future.
Adjusting the Plan
In this iteration of “Act”, I have decided to be stricter with myself at the weekends.  Willpower is a finite resource, so what I’m going to do is just switch my phone off when the bedtime timer goes off.  That way, I’ll probably not switch it back on again during the next hour as it’ll be such a hassle.